Kosta Oil Field Technologies, Inc. (KostaTech) is an emerging company in the Oil and Gas Industry backed by talented professionals who have unparalleled state-of-the-art know-how in the area of asphaltenes, waxes, and well-bore related treatments.

Formation Damage

Tubing and Flow Lines

Production Facilities

Storage Facilities

Properly designed INSOL squeeze treatments can be used to remove existing organic deposits in the near-well formation. Similar treatments may be used for compression purposes inhibition  to prolong the time between the corrective treatments. In offshore operations in the Arctic, we have removed one or two corrective treatments per year by replacing a synthetic chemical with INSOL which is natural and more effective, resulting in considerable savings for the operator.

InSol may be used both as inhibitor and as remedial solvent/surfactant.  Proper tests need to be made with the oil to determine whether it is preferable to inhibit or remedy an organic deposition problem. Moreover, in many cases, INSOL is customized for a particular problem, INSOL custom tests to detect and address problems specifically and directly increasing the final result. Insol is a powerful solvent / dispersant for cleaning subsea flowlines and covered driving of wax deposits.

InSol injection in the tubing and flowlines will most likely protect the production facilities from organic deposition. Hence, no additional InSol injection in the facilities is necessary.

A portion of the re-suspended organic particles are expected to settle again in the storage facilities. Subsequent treatments can be designed  to eliminate the accumulation of organic particles.

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